Friday, December 12, 2008

Bad Service.....

yesterday, Selangor's Sultan b'day... we no need to work... so i had dinner with him and his sister at one of the restaurant in Sunway Pyramid... reached there ard 5pm++.. alot of ppl having dinner there also... w/o wait, we ordered our dinner since we quite familiar with their menu... but the d*mn thing was, we had wait there ard 30min.. but our dinner havent serve yet.. the angry part was, the ppl that came late already had their dinner.. arghhh... wtf!!! we did called the supervisor but he acted like very busy and din bother us.. the d*mn thing was, another waiter told us that we havent order our dinner since their pc no record... huh... then we asked the guy to refer to their supervisor.. we told him, his supervisor is the one who took order from us.. but the f*ck guy looked like very blur... then only he started to search his small note book to look for our menu... sigh.... speechless.... anyway, we still enjoy our dinner as well... and i would to say that i like the restaurant in 1U more than here... :P

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