Thursday, May 14, 2009

20/05/09 ~ 23/05/09

Five more days to go... yeahoo!!! im very happy to wait for these date.. keke.. but also quite worry la.... H1N1??? hmmm... hopefully everything go smoothly... 1st time travelling with jeanne and mimi... i meant o/sea trip la.... hehe... i just hope that we all can enjoy and fun all the time.. even i know sometime travelling, there will be small small unhappy things la.. but i really hope 4 of us can enjoy to the fullest.. i dun think we can enjoy like these again.. Jeanne will further study... so we only can wait after her graduation... our 1st and last o/sea trip for this year... exciting... hehe.. really hope 4 of us can enjoy n fun w/o any unhappy things... lol.... c u all ya...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hard or Difficult??

today i facing kinda headache problem.... i dunno how to say here... am i did anything wrong?? i give them to think where to go.. but finally, the ball was kicked to me again... ok.. i think lor.. then conclusion we are going to a place that can eat and fun... she called me and said it's expensive... ya i knew it... recently we spent alot... but since i make this decision, then i should agree with it.. if u all not agree, then isit possible that u all give me a place to go??? im very stress with my current job.. y cant just let me have a fun on weekend?? y must turn everything upside down?? im not blaming anyone... i just wan all of us can enjoy... isit very hard?? im sure we wont have this oppurtunity next time... i really no idea at all.... fine.. if this is what u all wan, then it's ok for me.. im blogging all of this cos i care... i really care... i pass the ball to you all, then u all pass back to me... finally, u all said no power to comments.. maybe it's my fault... suggested that places... i tried to make everything to normal.... but u all refused.. ok... maybe it's really my fault.... nothing much to say...

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Co Part 2

2day i reached office at 7.45am.. 2gether with my boss... hehe.. but the funny thing is me and him need to wait outside.. cos ppl who got keys was late... lol... even MD oso need to wait.. total 5 of us waiting the door.. funny rite?? they hv mgmt meeting.. tat's y they reached early.. 1st time saw my MD.. i tot he's an old old guy.. but out of my expectation... he's younger.. hehe.. before my MD came, my big boss told me alot of things... he asking how's my working.. i just can said so far so good... but he keeps on talk non-stop... kinda a irritating talks... for him, MYOB was 'wet wet water'.. but not for us... hehehe... anyway, i just right ear hear and left ear out.. hahaha... this 2wks really really busy.. sometime i just hv 30min to lunch... 1st when i joined, i stil cant use to it.. but now, look like it's normal thing for me already.. this wk i need to finish up a tasks given by my Finance Director(FD)... *my manager's hubby*.. lol... My manager hopes i can finish by end of this mth.. she told me this is the 1st task given by FD.. so she want me to leave a good thinking.. i'll try my best to finish it up... a very very PnC tasks.... gambateh!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Co Part 1

After 6 working day, finally i hv time to blog... Super duper busy... everyday work non-stop.. even sometime i miss my lunch time.. omg!!! 8am-5.30pm... work work and work.... the good things were, in these days i had learned alot of things... from UBS to MYOB.. not easy guys... some said UBS and MYOB is the same... but when i started to use, it's not really same... last time i did partial thing by manually but now everything is in software.. save time... my manager told me she hopes us can learn everything from her.... she wont 'kedekut' knowledge... it's really good things for us.. but i can said it's really really stress working there.... i use half day to meeting with my manager everyday... so i just have another half day to finish my tasks... urgent urgent and urgent.... huh.... just for 1st wk, i had learn stock take... damn headache... maybe i never touch stock before... somemore their on hand stock got variance with the actual stock... by the way, i'll absorb everything that i can... here is the 1st part for my new co... stay tune for 2nd part.. :P

Friday, March 6, 2009


2day i dunno how's my feeling... happy?? worry?? sad?? i really dunno how to answer... cos 2day is my last day to work in PEE.... 3yrs and 9mths++... and this is my 1st job after my graduation... maybe can be said that im happy cos i get better offer outside??? or im worry cos need to face all new things later?? or sad cos need to leave all my belove colleagues?? hmmmm... in these past few yrs, i learned alot of things... even sometime it's not easy to work under my manager, but i still tell myself that i can handle it... i dunno how she thinks abt me for these period.... cos i dun care at all... as i said, my others collegues are the most that i'll miss after i left... and of cos, i'll appreciate this friendship 4ever... i'll still come back to visit u all when i free to do so... anyway, wish u all good luck too.... :P

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Genting trip @ 21/02/09-22/02/09

Gathering againzz.... lol... during CNY, mimi they all had planned to go to genting at these date.... unexpected, our another secondary schoolmates had planned to go on these date too... so coincidence... almost 20 of us.. huh... big gang..... we had booked a room at theme park hotel.. and khar wai they all havent book room.. by the time they called me, theme park hotel are fully booked.. no choice... they just hv 1st world hotel to book.. hehehe... we reached there ard 1pm++... i went up with my him.. my others frens went there by taxi.. total 8 of us... another gang will reach at nite time.. i had lied to mimi that i'll go there at noon since my him needs to work... but actually me n him ady departed ard 12pm.. hehe.. just wanna fool her oni... even we just have not much time to enter casino *cos v playing at indoor theme park and also bowling*.... but jeanne was very lucky cos she won in 'tai sai' game.... kekeke.. even just 2d1n trip, but im really happy can enjoy with u all...
behind (left) : vincent, fiona, grace
centre (left) : jes, jeanne, shirlyn, kelly & honey
front : mimi

Farewell @ Leong Ah Restaurant.. 27/02/09

First at all, wanna thx ivy for the farewell organisation... really appreaciated it... and also for those who joined the farewell... thx wkh, wcl, chy, tyl, nancy, michelle, ee ping, lck, lwk and clm.... wana apologize if i did something wrong last time... the happiest thing was i can have u all as my frens... u all are the most that i'll miss after i left this co... keep in touch!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sad news..

This morning i received a sms from jeanne.. she told me Blacky had passed away.. me also shocked.... cos all the while Blacky look so healthy... i reply her and asked what happened... She said Blacky had fall sick since last 2wks... 12yrs old Blacky.... It can be said quite old jor.... anyway, peace be on Blacky.....


Is it now is the trendy for resignation?? i have no idea... but in my co, alot of ppl had resigned.... just recently, at least 7 staffs had resigned included me.. lol... what happened?? maybe for their future career or better offer... for me, of cos is better offer... lol... besides, i hope i can learn new thing in this new co... i had been in PE since Jun'05... so it's really a time for me to change environment... quite worried also... cos everything are new... new colleagues.. new environment... new tasks... huh... just 4 days to go only.. after that, i'll be in new co... hehehe... can i handle it???

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


10/02/09... i had tender my resignation lor.... finally.... i made it.. i went for an interview on 05/02... and i received their call on 07/02... happy~nyaa.... and also wana thx johnny for the letter ya... hehe.. but the new co will be far further than my current co... sob sob.... anyway, im really happy can leave here.. it's time to make a move lor... wish me all the best n good luck... :P