Monday, March 23, 2009

New Co Part 2

2day i reached office at 7.45am.. 2gether with my boss... hehe.. but the funny thing is me and him need to wait outside.. cos ppl who got keys was late... lol... even MD oso need to wait.. total 5 of us waiting the door.. funny rite?? they hv mgmt meeting.. tat's y they reached early.. 1st time saw my MD.. i tot he's an old old guy.. but out of my expectation... he's younger.. hehe.. before my MD came, my big boss told me alot of things... he asking how's my working.. i just can said so far so good... but he keeps on talk non-stop... kinda a irritating talks... for him, MYOB was 'wet wet water'.. but not for us... hehehe... anyway, i just right ear hear and left ear out.. hahaha... this 2wks really really busy.. sometime i just hv 30min to lunch... 1st when i joined, i stil cant use to it.. but now, look like it's normal thing for me already.. this wk i need to finish up a tasks given by my Finance Director(FD)... *my manager's hubby*.. lol... My manager hopes i can finish by end of this mth.. she told me this is the 1st task given by FD.. so she want me to leave a good thinking.. i'll try my best to finish it up... a very very PnC tasks.... gambateh!!!!!

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smallsnoopy said...

i'm sure tat u can do it de, add oil o~~