Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Co Part 1

After 6 working day, finally i hv time to blog... Super duper busy... everyday work non-stop.. even sometime i miss my lunch time.. omg!!! 8am-5.30pm... work work and work.... the good things were, in these days i had learned alot of things... from UBS to MYOB.. not easy guys... some said UBS and MYOB is the same... but when i started to use, it's not really same... last time i did partial thing by manually but now everything is in software.. save time... my manager told me she hopes us can learn everything from her.... she wont 'kedekut' knowledge... it's really good things for us.. but i can said it's really really stress working there.... i use half day to meeting with my manager everyday... so i just have another half day to finish my tasks... urgent urgent and urgent.... huh.... just for 1st wk, i had learn stock take... damn headache... maybe i never touch stock before... somemore their on hand stock got variance with the actual stock... by the way, i'll absorb everything that i can... here is the 1st part for my new co... stay tune for 2nd part.. :P


MingKAI said...

haha, busy better than free...some company when u just join..u r free like hell..anyway..I thought PE also using MYOB? No? haha..manager also "she"..I think she's nicer than the previous "she" lol..gambateh!

jeslyn said...

no lar.. last time UBS la.. different ppl different attitude.. hard to judge.. but should be better gua.. keke