Thursday, December 4, 2008

Againzz... Dinner

I can tell u that im shivering if i heard about wedding dinner... why?? Im d*mn scared when i heard someone get married.. I din meant anything... I'll still congrats them... Just.. There are too many invitations... I did post about this in my previous blog... But i thought that everything had cool down... But it's really out of my expectation.. This morning i received a called inviting me to attend their wedding dinner on 4th Jan 2009 ... omg!!! again??? arghh... my wallet going to be very hurt againnn.... helppp!!!! Isit my whole month salary just to give ang pau??? I know i can choose not to go... So i no need to pay ang pau??? But i dunno how to reject... What excuses to give them??? Not free?? Sigh.... Here the lists of the invitations that i received in this yr.. *im not showing,ok*

09 May 08 - Boon Chuan (bro)
17 May 08 - Jaswern (schoolmate)
30 May 08 - linda (colleague)
8 Jun 08 - teck's bro
Jul 08 - Heng (ex-colleague)
6 Sep 08 - tracy (schoolmate)
22 Nov 08 - Cynthia (schoolmate)
29 Nov 08 - Christine (colleague)
13 Dec 08 - Sue (ex-colleague)
28 Dec 08 - Anni (ex-colleague)
29 Dec 08 - Christine (ex-colleague)
04 Jan 09 - Felyncia (ex-colleague )
Anyway, congratulations to them again....


MingKAI said...

walao..luckily i dun have many friends hahaha

jeslyn said...

blek blek