Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Miss My Hometown Night Market

wednesday... got pasar malam *night market* near my house at teluk intan... hmmm... malays pasar malam... just now jeanne told me she wanna go to pasar malam ... last time i used to lepak lepak there with my schoolmates.... but almost 5yrs++ i never been there.. cos it's weekday.... and for sure, i need to work *puchong* .. so where got time to go there... she told me she bought popiah and keropok lekor... arghhh.. i miss the keropok lekor.... it's nice and cheap.. jeanne told me still RM0.10/pc... where to get such price in KL..... kekeke... i told her i miss the lekor... she asked me go back and eat.. very naughty... know i need to work still wanna ask me.. cheh.. somemore she mms me the lekor *upload photo later* ... kekekke.. both of us had planned to go there during Chinese New Year since i no need to work at that time.. hehe.. dun fly my kite ah.... must bring me go ah.. keke.. cant wait to eat the keropok lekor again.... :P


Shirlyn said...

i want go oso..i miss wednesday n thursday pasar malam...this jinn so good hor..i miss popiah,jagung,keropok lekor,bakar chicker wing..alot alot food i miss so much

smallsnoopy said...

jes, see i got ur heart ler, mms u the pic, kaka, no problem de, wait u all come back during cny la, but i scare dun open nia, haha, imm, u also wan to eat ar, ok la, u all together la, hehe, wait u all ya!! hahaha