Monday, November 24, 2008

her wedding...

as i mentioned before, 22th Nov i'll attend a wedding dinner... yaya.. our secondary schoolmate wedding..... i had attended m.kuen, s.wern and's wedding dinner *schoolmates* before .... so this time, is the 4th time among our schoolmates wedding... but look like all also girls... how abt our guys??? maybe for them, they're still young??? hehe.. i hv no idea... this time most of our friends had attended sim's wedding... even some of them purposely bec from s'pore.... more than previous schoolmates wedding... happy~nya.... cos we can met each others... but cant be denied that previous wedding dinner were more happy... last time we *ji mui* did went up to stage for singing especially m.kuen's wedding dinner.. but no for this time... just our 'fatty leong' went up for a song... after dinner, all of us went to her *bride* house for 2nd round... chit chatting... ard 1am++, all of us dismiss since we needs to wake up at 7am for our breakfast and of cos to become sim's ji mui... *photos will be uploaded later*

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